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The journal Currents of History originated from a periodical publication of the Institute for the History of Labour Movement in Serbia -  Currents of Revolution. Under this name, the collection was first published in 1967 and was released annually until 1989. During this period the volumes I-XXI and numbers 1/1988 and 1/1989 were published. The editors of the Currents of Revolution were: Academic Bogumil Hrabak (1967-1975), Dr Milan Borkovic (1977 and 1978), and Dr Jovan Dubovac (1981-1989). From 1990 to 1993 the journal published by the Institute for Recent History of Serbia was called Currents. Numbers 1/1990, 1/1991 and 1-2/1992 were published under the editorship of Dr Momčilo Mitrović.

The present structure of the journal was established in 1993. It was renamed to Currents of History and gained a new format, content, and style. First, it was published quarterly, but since 2010 it has been published three times a year. The Chief Editors of the journal were: Dr Latinka Perović (1993-2000), Dr Mile Bjelajac (2000-2005 and 2009-2012), Dr Radmila Radić (2005-2009), and Dr Gordana Krivokapić Jović (2012-2016). Articles, stories, archival sources and criticisms have covered new themes and followed new historical trends. Beside the articles on economic and political organizations of the labour movement, the history of Serbian society between two world wars and during the World War II, the history of government and communist party in socialist Yugoslavia, the journal also includes articles on social ideas, modernization trends, political parties, history of institutions, churches and religious relations, economic development, social classes, foreign policy and international relations during the Cold War, remarkable people and statesmen, national minorities, the family and the status of women, the history of Serbs outside Serbia, private life, causes and circumstances of the disintegration of socialist Yugoslavia, assessing foreign historiography and its view of Yugoslav history and others.

Today, the journal Currents of History is published three times a year, the third number being published in English. All manuscripts are sent to double-blind peer review. The policy of the journal is to publish only original scientific papers that meet high scientific standards and deal with the history from the early 20th century to the present and encourage interdisciplinary approach. Starting from the number 2/2016 the journal Currents of History is included in the ERIH PLUS list.


Dr Slobodan Selinić

Editorial Board:
Dr Dragan Bogetić, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade
Prof Dr Dubravka Stojanović, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
Doc Dr Aleksandar Životić, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
Prof Dr Stevan Pavlović, University of Southampton
Prof Dr Jan Pelikan, Charles University, Prague
Dr Jelena Guskova, Institute for Slavic Studies RAN, Moscow
Dr Diana Miškova, Scientific Research Center, Sofia
Dr Vladimir Gajger, Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb
Dr Aleksandar Raković, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade
Dr Vesna Đikanović, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade

Editorial Secretary:
Dr Srđan Milošević, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade

ISSN 0354-6497
eISSN 2560-547X
doi 10.31212/tokovi


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