Dr Vladan Jovanović

Vladan Jovanović (1968) received his BA (1995), MA (2000) and PhD degrees (2010) from the Department of Yugoslav History, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Since 1995, he has been employed at the Institute for the Recent History of Serbia, where he still works as a principal research fellow. His main research interests focus on the integration of the formerly Ottoman territories of Macedonia and Kosovo into the Yugoslav state, inter-ethnic violence, national/ethnic identity, forced migration, corruption, and transnational crime in the post-Ottoman Balkans. He was editor-in-chief of the Editorial Board of the Institute of Recent History of Serbia's “Studies and Monographs” Library (2015-2019) and head of the “National Identities: Political, Social and Cultural Transformation” subproject within the Institute's project Tradition and Transformation - Historical Heritage and National Identities in Serbia in the 20th Century (2011-2019). He is the author of four monographs and over 60 articles in scientific journals and edited volumes. He has participated at numerous international scientific conferences and projects at European and US universities.

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