Abstract: This paper responds to Igor Vukadinović’s divisive reaction to my benevolent criticism of his book Autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija. Solid evidence is used to analyse and disprove his claims.

Keywords: Kosovo and Metohija, Tito, bias, context, Igor Vukadinović


Igor Vukadinović responded to my well-intended criticism of his book Autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija by attaching ideological labels, stinging attempts at irony, and inserting false quotations, presenting it as an academic debate. From collegial scholarly critique, he launched a personal ideological attack. So, in my response, I addressed his assertions, stating both them and my own opinions, which he misconstrued. Confronting what he claimed I wrote with what I actually wrote, I brought out the contradictions and inconsistencies in his allegations. Based on this, an unbiased reader can easily form an opinion on the arguments and the manner in which both sides debate.