Abstract: The paper analyzes recent scholarly publications on Kosovo and Metohija and the emergence of Albanian nationalism. These are books by Jan Pelikan (Novim putevima: Kosovo 1958–1969), Natalie Clayer (O poreklu albanskog nacionalizma: rađanjevećinski muslimanske nacije u Evropi) and Milovan J. Bogavac and Dragoslav S. Ćetković (Srbi na Kosovu i Metohiji u 19 i 20. veku). The emphasis is placed on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, important people and influential factors, on the emergence of Albanian nationalism and Serbian-Albanian relations during different periods. 

Keywords: Albania, Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Metohija, nationalism, Serbia


The books I analysed in this paper were written on the basis of archival materials and historiographical literature. They were recently translated and published in Serbian. Despite being different in terms of content, they are interconnected by the important issue of Kosovo and Metohija and the complex Serbian-Albanian relations. By studying contemporary foreign historiography on Kosovo and Metohija it is possible to define the scope of research, open up new questions, start and maintain an academic dialogue, thus becoming more acquainted with new historiographical discourses and trends.